This is Bliss :}

So I’m trying out this advanced setting and making this post private. I wonder if that works like I think it does…Hmmm!

(Changed my mind, I wanna share)

What this post is really about is…the Feeling of Christmas…felt by me…right now! I spent the day being bitchy, anxious, and bitchy and anxious, and then I realized….

All is Forgiven

All is well

All is good in my life……and repeat. I said this to myself while laying in a hot bubble bath and I felt whole and complete, like I was at peace with the earth the people in my life and life itself, with its unknowns and its twists and turns and uncertaintys and surprises and how things always work out in the end ❤

And I was stressing about how I was kept waiting as always by my dad and then I realized hey, I should just accet thats the way he is and learn it and move on! Let it go, do my thing and don’t let other things press on me and make me feel shit. It’s me all me. My life my choice my brain to learn from it and evolve, adapt and be happy!

I got rid of a big ol bag of prezzies for my lil bro my dad n my granny, and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Feels good to do something nice. And good. All is good in my world.

Things arent perfct all the time, and sometimes bad shit happens, but All is forgiven, and I wanna be free. I am free. Fuck anxiety.

Anyway, feeling good. Daddy came and visited me and that was nice. Im all clean after a bath and life is peaceful and All is well in my world.

LoVe to all yu Lovers Xoxoxoxo


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