Sick Girl

So I’ve been working hard everyday for 3 weeks straight, took only 3 days off total and yep it caught up with me. I am sick, have been in bed for 3 days now but am starting to feel better so that is amazing. I have been taking 6 drops of oregano oil twice daily and I believe its a natural cure for sickness! I didn’t want to have to go to the doctor and take antibiotics, so hopefully this will kick it out of my system. Thankfully the only symptoms were sore throat and headache, plugged ears. No runny nose or coughing or sick stomach so I am super grateful for that. I think this was Gods way of saying I need to balance my life and not overwork myself. I was just so excited to start escorting and making that cash that I wanted to work as much as humanly possible. lol. But now I have to take some time off to get better fully and think about things.

It’s actually been nice to have an excuse to just relax in bed and watch TV read comso and be lazy lol. I did a little bit of shopping today, bought myself a good flat iron and a furry vest and boots and some red plaid pyjama pants 🙂 hehe. Retail therapy always works wonders because I always feel better after, especially if i stay within my budget!! Thank God I don’t have credit cards lol. Anyways now that I’ve spent some money on myself I suppose it’s that time of year where we spend money on the ones we love. So I gotta switch gears and once I start feeling more better I can focus my thinking on others and what I can do for my loved ones. Cuz if I’ve learned one thing in the last year of revocery, it’s that Family is number one. I love my family so much, and I have to remind myself constantly to put them first…because it doesn’t come naturally to me to be unselfish. It’s defintely something I have to work at. Hey I’m human too haha.

So let’s talk about escorting. People say “don’t do it for too long because it will fuck you up mentally” and blah blah blah, but to be perfectly honest I feel mentally stronger, more confident and happier to have cash in my pocket! My view on men hasn’t changed or gotten worse (which doesn’t say alot about my thoughts on men to start with lol) . The only downside to it is now I’m a workaholic, and my free time is strictly for eating and relaxing in bed alone. My social life is suffering, but to be honest again my social life was not that spectacular to begin with, so it’s nice to get to be social at work. It really is an all around good deal for me. I do not plan on escorting for the rest of my life, although I can see how it could be very addicting, because it is kind of an all consuming job. But it’s fun and well rounded. As long as we are staying safe and giving ourselves the self-care we need then all will be well.

To speak on the drug addiction in escorting, the agency I’m working out of is clean, there is no drugs to be used there  (it’s a small condo and theres only 1-3 girls there at any given time) and I have had only 2 clients so far who has done blow infront of me, and it didn’t make me want it, infact I would prefer if they didn’t do it because of coke-dick. lol. the first guy suffered from it, the second didn’t which was nice.

Thats all for me today, happy to be blogging again my friends xoxoxo


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