Hot New POST!!

Hey babes so it’s been forever since I’ve updated ya’ll on my life. and my escorting. It’s going amazing btw!!

On my first day I brought my ghetto as laptop which decided it was going to bite the dust, hence why I have not posted anything for a long while. So I finally saved up enough to buy myself a hot little tablet and used my day off to go run around buying things I need, since i am working 6 days a week now shitttt. But it’s amazing, I have never loved a job like I love this, I can really be myself, and the money is madddd, Ive never seen this much cash.

So ya Im super excited to be back bloggin and I get to read all you other escorts adventures and YA! Im just so happy. Im glad I didn’t listen to all the haters who said I would just be a hole to all those guys. Well guess what, all they are is a bank account to me and I love sex and hate commitment!!! I love being just a hole. hahaha, that sounds terrible, but its true. Maybe Im a little bit of a sociopath but I am perfectly happy and satisfied to fuck all day, take my fat stack of cash home and crawl in to my bed all by myself and sleep peacefully. I dont need no man! This life is perfect, for the time being anyway. And Im so proud of myself for going for it, because as I’ve said before I have always wanted to be this girl but was too chicken to take the leap. So proud of myself.

Well now that I’ve said all that, I guess I can get into some more details next time πŸ™‚ and once I’m used to using this keyboard lol. xoxoxoxox

thank you for reading and stay tuned hunnis !!! πŸ˜‰


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